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Yahoo News: Boston Police Deal With DNC Protesters

Bl(A)ck Tea members joined with anti-war groups in a march that began in Copley Square shortly after noon and quickly grew into the largest demonstration since thousands of anti-war and anti-abortion protesters greeted delegates on Sunday as they arrived in the city.

The crowd, estimated at around 400 people, looped through the city’s Financial District before heading toward the FleetCenter. They were accompanied by about 100 police officers wearing helmets and carrying shields. Seven protesters with hoods tied themselves to a police barricade.

When they arrived outside the fenced-in demonstration zone near the FleetCenter, the protesters set fire to a two-faced effigy — one side showing Bush, the other Kerry. As it burned, the protesters stomped on the puppet, while others burned copies of Bush’s autobiography.

~ by kinshay on 2004-07-29.

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  1. i was in houston instead. been reading up on it all on boston.indymedia.org, though.

    i have a cold now. this sucks.

  2. i was getting my back waxed…to see an animated gif of the experience go to http://driveitlike.com
    and click on Fri.Jul.30 @ Middle East(up) under Boston Rock Club…this is all for you Shay.

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