Another New Phone Number

You all know I killed my home phone number to save some dough. I am working now, making some decent change. So I signed up for AT&T’s Callvantage. It’s home voice over IP, plugs in between the cable modem and the router. There are some bad ass calling features, and of course computer management. Best part, $20 a month for the first 6 months, $35 a month thereafter, all long distance included (‘cept international.)

Another cool part, you get to pick your state/area code for your number. I chose Boston, Ma with a 617 area code. If your feeling southern, pick a Florida number. Because it is VoIP you can move across the country and keep the same phone number. Sweet.

Anyway, I have not received my TA yet, but will hook it up as soon as I do. When it is hooked up, you can reach me at:


~ by kinshay on 2004-07-28.

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  1. west virginia has the best area code. the entire state is 304. ROCK.

  2. They didn’t offer Hawaii as an option, I would have snagged that in a heartbeat – 808 area code. It was very odd watching commercials and such when I visited Da Kine on his honeymoon. They advertise with only 7 digits. How 80’s.

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