Hell has Finally Frozen Over

If your from Boston, or have ever been to Boston, you’ll know that this picture denotes the end is nigh. This is the new bridge which is part of I-93. I spent a good 35 minutes* on it last week at 5:30 PM going home from Somerville to Randolph. Note the timestamp. Good job DNC! Now were all gonna suffer for eternity.

Image from Boston.com Traffic Camera

*That 35 minutes was just on the bridge, total time home: 1 hour 55 minutes.

~ by kinshay on 2004-07-27.

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  1. Well, hey, they told us to stay home, we stayed home. What did our fearless leaders expect? We are the same freaks who empty the supermarkets of bread and milk when there is a 30% chance of 3 inches of snow.

    I heard today they are trying to encourage people to come back to the city. But not all of them, just enough to drum up some “economic boon.”

  2. By Economic Boon do you mean we only lose $400 million dollars in lost revenues, as opposed to $500 million?

  3. Revenue will increase dramatically after the Corcoran boys return from Foxwoods. All that Connecticut money will flow into Beantown like the biblical flood of old.

  4. That’s fuckin creepy.

  5. I mentioned to Seamus that it was similar to a scene from “28 Days Later”.

  6. Very much so.

  7. yo, yo, yo,

    where the FtN shirts at, homey ?

  8. Scheisse.

    Been busy winnin tha dolla bills, yo.

    Problem is, I have great designs in my head, but not the skill to produce them.

  9. Too bad Ute-Free Rachel has no internet and ran out of town for the DNC, she does some killah design work.

  10. i’m just gonna spray paint a t-shirt then…

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