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That’s right true believers! This Friday July 30th at the Middle East Upstairs at 9pm, join Bang Circus with friends Cracktorch, the Cougars, and Ragged Old Flag as we take back the city from the clutches of tourists. Bang Circus is on at 9…now go to this:

Nick Name Generator

Da Kine and I will definitely be going. We need to get banged up before we go for our tattooes.

Speaking of which, I received my final designs from Ute-Free Rachel, whatcha think? (The sword was upside down compared to the crest, which is why it is reversed on the whole tattoo, but the key is the other way)

~ by kinshay on 2004-07-26.

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  1. Nice link, Glory Hole.

  2. Can’t tell ya what I think without knowing where it’s going and how big it’ll be.
    Example (A): covering your back = good shit.
    Examble (B): on your ass with the sword up your crack = aw, HELL no!

    I dig the design details, though.

  3. Lower part of my back (bottom most part will be at my belt line,) sword on my spine about 8 inches tall, lions will be about 6 inches tall. I’m leaving them uncolored for now (no offense Cousin Oreo) and may long term get them colored yellow with red manes.

    Putting the sword in my ass crack would be dumb, it would poke me when I sat down.

  4. I’m all about the color work these days.

  5. can a brutha get a show report ?

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