rescue me

well, it had the potential to be a real cock-up, but the new dramedy by denis leary – rescue me – was fan-flippin’-tastic. beautifully heart-breaking and bruisingly funny. no less an authority than the ny post said “the best tv show since the sopranos”. maybe the first season of the sopranos when they still had nads.

it is dark, bold, and graphic. language and subjects not for the weak of heart or stomach. leary plays engine 62’s captain, tommy gavin. formerly sober for 14 months, he found his cousin’s head at ground zero. leary pulls his honest emotional portrayal from his own tragedy. his cousin died in the horrible worcester fire 4 years ago.

without question this is your, yes you, number one tivo priority for the next thirteen weeks.

~ by kinshay on 2004-07-22.

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  1. Damnit it, I missed the first episode. I will have to schedule it remotely schedule it.

  2. There’re about 40 reruns this week.

  3. Saw it. Loved it. Can’t categorize it.

  4. Oh, and you got a buncha shit wrong. He’s not the captain, he’s just a joe. He didn’t find his cousin’s head, he found his finger (it was another guy’s head). Finally, although it is high on my list, the Stargate family of shows is my #1 Tivo priority.

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