I did a news search on Google and, as far as I can tell, nobody has used this, so I’ll be the coiner of the term.


~ by kinshay on 2004-07-21.

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  1. What’s that funny line under the title?

  2. da kine forgot to categorize his post. that’s the line under…

  3. i can’t believe that my immediate response was the same as dennis hastert’s. will the democrats ever get their shit together? berger may as well have said the dog ate his homework or he was planning to buy the gum he had in his pocket but “forgot”.

  4. Once again, my sarcasm falls flat. I was pointing out to Da Kine that he keeps forgetting to cat. his posts.

  5. I was rushing off to a meeting and wanted to make sure I got attribution for the term. I didn’t want people to discuss the actual case, but rather my brilliant ability to use a tired and rote cliche to frame modern scandals, thus, Bergergate.

  6. There? You fools happy?

  7. Best categories EVAR!!!!!!11111

  8. youre just jealous the ladies like me better with your boomstick.

  9. ‘Bergergate’ has caught on slightly as a term since I coined it. I think I prefer what Glen Reynolds is calling it, though: Trousergate.

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