ever fuck up ?

today i jumped ugly with a commenter over this essay by shay.

i owe johnscot an apology. i thought that he was a random passerby who was posting links to liberal propaganda. my biggest mistake was an unfortunate ad hominum attack in which i called john a dope. i’m reasonably sure that we know who the dope is.

i certainly should have left that out and civily continued the conversation that johnscot attempted to further.

for my punishment: all coronas this week shall be sans lime, no frolicking in the heather, and a caber will be periodically dropped on my foot. please place other suggestions in the comment field.

thank you.

~ by kinshay on 2004-07-20.

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  1. You are most definitely a penis.

  2. on occasion

  3. Took balls do post this. WTF, One post is the girl part post, this the boy parts post?

    (Da Kine, you know what I am waiting for)

  4. Other punishment – When we all wear kilts to my wedding – you have to shave your legs and wear underwear.

  5. I don’t get it. I completely missed the reference.

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