Little Catch Up

I must say, one of the things I don’t like about writing is the inability to (I can not seem to properly spell gaurentee, gaurantee, garauntee, so I will substitute with) ensure my point is made in the proper manner. Some people freaked out about the threat to shut the site down. I did not hit all the marks on that one, as I am sure everyone knew I was being sarcastic, but that did not really rule out the changing of the site to So, to say so definitively, the site will remain as is. However, I do really feel bad about the lack of posting. I keep saying how busy I am, but I never explain how I am busy. I will not take that time now to explain. Due to the nature of the company, plus if they bstarted reading this bitch here, I just don’t need the site to become a liablilty. Ask Kin Yah what happened when someone from Bank Boston found the site. Ewwww. Bad times.

I have also commisioned Bman to write a little guest post about a Nasty-Gram, what it is, how to write one, and how to effectively destroy your target with words.

So when I say I am too busy, it means I work a 12 hour day, 5 – 6 days a week. When I am not at work, I see Kin-Girl. When we spend time together, I am generally not cruising the internet trolling for stories to post. If anything, I have tango on for work stuff, while she sits next to me doing other things. On the weekends I am not on call, I am doing things with Kin-girl, leaving the house and the like. Last weekend we went to Cape Ann and took a lighthouse cruise, seeing 7 lighthouses from a lobster boat. I have some pictures from the lil trip, which I will post eventually, as some of you have asked for pics, online and off.

I realized today while writing the previous post how much I love writing these mini essays. (That reminds me of the time in 7th grade Mr Slattery marked me down on my first term paper because I never knew the term essay and wrote it as S.A. Seems more of a failure of the school system than a personal fault, but it’s in the past now.) I start typing and start thinking and try and find the proper wording so I can explain my point without making everyone feel like I am writing to the lowest common denominator. Does this phrase get the point across?, Am I contradicting myself? Do I have a valid arguement? Will this get people talking?

I also love the quick, here’s something I read, make a short little post about my thoughts on it, see what everyone has to say. The only web sites I find myself really reading everyday right now is here, C&S, BlahStuff and maybe, Maybe if I am all caught up with poker on Tivo, FtN. I can’t really post about what I see there, for all those sites you should all be reading everyday anyway, and would see the thievery right away. i feel bad for not commenting enough on BlahStuff, there’s some good shit there, and sometimes is target rich, but I leave it to Da Kine to fill in the needed Libertarian comments. Speaking of which, I told Da Kine a while ago about my lack of time, and asked him to fill in for me. I think he has done a great job posting as often as he has, as well as he has. Kudos, Da Kine, Good on yah!

So what is the point? I will tell you.

I am fat.

I was doing so well, you all did so well encouraging me. I really wanted it. Then summer came. BBQ. Going out. Hmmmmm. I turned back into my old ways. I don’t pay too much attention to the weigh in. Y’all notice that and call for me to put my weight in, but don’t say shit when you see 0’s. I need you. I can not do this on my own, and the trappings of summertime have caught me. It is not a plat eau. It is quick meal at McDonalds or Ribs at a cookout. I need you to be dissapointed in me and yelling at me. Wearing smaller pants and the other pants still being so big on me, I feel happy and accompished. I am not there yet though, but I have seemed to lost my drive. Bman wants me to bike, but I have a great excuse not to, yet.

So this is a call for you all to give me a kick in the ass. You deserve 222, and should demand it. I am counting on you.

Couple of afterthoughts, side notes – I added JoeDaYuz’s full original bio and new pic to the Cast, I will eventually flush out the rest of the cast, even though Casey is the only one who sent a picture in. (Jake sent in his new pic, the dimensions don’t match but I don’t care cause it’s such an awesome pic.) Speaking of Casey, have any of you read her journal? I hate it when someone shares something so revealing and hard core, it makes me want to cry. Forget she’s a vegitarian, that much strength with her beauty and ink, Casey is something special. I am hating that I did not get to see her (or really, meet her for the first time) when she was in Boston last. Read her page!

Per requests, here some pictures:

Bman and Kin-Shay, Busting out some servers
Bman and Kin-Shay, Thinking about how much Microsoft Sucks
Lobster Boat with Kin-Girl
Lobster Boat solo

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  1. I have a feeling Casey will be a little horrified for this attention, but talent deserves recognition. WTF, I had to goad her in to commenting the first time, and we are all richer for that.

  2. i’m just glad i set the nude picture entries of me to friends-list only.

  3. If there ever was a reason to comment and get on the cast of characters, see above…

  4. BTW y’all have I showed you my new chain it is a hassle getting notified all the time, but I do get all my personal email on it, and it has pretty colors. Best part of all, my boss paid for it. He still has the 6510, and did not demand that I switch his for my shiny new one.

  5. Who the fuck so Joe could touch my boom stick?

  6. OK, you know what? You’re a skinny bitch compared to when you started. Ya done good.

    Yes, you can do better. And yes you can (and fuckwell better! I’ll fuckin’ race ya, Champ!) get back on the stick, but don’t be too hard on yaself. As long as your not lying to us and those zeros are really zeros, you haven’t lost ground. That’s pretty huge in and of itself, considering your schedule and such.

    I mean, look at that second photo! You’re one sexy c_nt! (That’s the British usage, yo! But I self-censored based on previous precedent…)

    About that head, though…
    It’s HUGE!! It’s like an orange on a toothpick!

  7. I will do better. I’ve had a wee break, but time to get back to work. I haven’t deliberately lied about my weight, my scale is flaky though so I could have gone up or down a half pound and not noticed it. It has never been 100% accurate, but three weeks ago it stopped going down. Didn’t go up, but didn’t go down.

    I appreciate the censoring Jake. That word, I just hate it.

    And finally:

    It’s like Sputnik! Spherical yet pointy at parts!

  8. (to be read aloud)

    Do you like the author Stephen Coonts?

    I tried to get up this morning, but I coul’n’t.

    I lost my bike, now I’m on a bike hunt.

    See you next Tuesday!

  9. i like the C word.

    when i was, like, eight years old, i heard my father use it in the car when he was cussing about another driver. my mother said “johnny!” in a horrified tone. so i whispered it under my breath over and over until my daddy cracked up and my mother threatened me. she asked me if i knew what it meant. i did because stephen king used it in his books. but i said no.

    the end.

  10. Back on the wagon for the two of us. We have a goal to reach!

  11. My buddy, Matt, has a similar story, Casey.

    Except it’s far more recent, as he was travelling with his mother and father and his current girlfriend.

    And his dad was far more creative with his expletive: “Nice job you fucking sn_tch!”

    I was in tears when Matty told me that one! Especially when his mom comes back with “We are trying to have a nice time with the family!!”

  12. i feel somehow compelled to point out that i also learned the word “clit” from stephen king. i just wasn’t exactly sure where it was located.

    i wonder if mr. king would be pleased to know how much i learned from his writing.

  13. I think I learned ‘clit’ from the Kingmeister, myself.

  14. I knew what a man in the canoe was long before I knew what a clit was. Oh Yeah, this post will have some interesting referrers.

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