Shutting Down the Site for Integrity

This started off as a response in the comments section, but I figured after I wrote it all out it was worth a post. For the backstory, read This Post and it’s comments. Sorry it all has to end, but you know, anonymous people know better than we what is best for us.

You know what, fuck it, Integ Rity, who does not have the integrity to admit to who they are, is right. I am shutting this page down now. Good bye all. Find out about what the brothers are up to another way, I don’t know, try writing me a fucking letter. I’ll get back to you real soon. No more free peeps into my life! You sick bunch of voyeurs. Sure the page is about the happenings of the Brothers, and getting your nuts cut counts as a happening I would think, but that doesn’t matter. Fuck having a way to express yourself once in a while when you have a hard time talking to people, and find it easier to write. Never mind that this manner of sharing brings you peace, and enjoyment, and that you can do the same for others. FUCK ALL THAT. Integ Rity says I am a dancing bear, and wishes me to someday leave that life. Sure, being unable to express myself, losing all that extra communication with my brothers, with people we don’t get to see often, keeping everyone up to date, that’s not worth it, right? Sure, I would email Dave the Choush all the time. And Matt Linehan, you know, out in Korea, he would be emailing me all the time. Without the foolishness of the articles posted here, we would never talk to each other, everyone is just too busy. Hitting a web page once a day, gives you a little time and a little fun, and something to talk about if you want to.

You want integrity? I could have just deleted the comment. Fuck it, it offends me. But I don’t, what goes up stays up, even with the anonymous author. (I will edit at times if I find a word particularly offensive, adding a note that I did so, but I have never censored an idea.)

Integrity is sandbagging your brother who goes off on a rant about politicians, then emailing that rant to said politician so he can respond.

But that’s not enough.

So this is the end I guess. Too bad I wasted all that money on a hosting service. Maybe I’ll dedicate the space to the Jesuits or something. Or put up a fish cam. Yeah, Sierra is a show off, he’d love it. Coming soon, Tap the glass and watch him flail. Be sure and hit the tip jar, need to get Sierra some new rocks.

~ by kinshay on 2004-07-13.

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  1. You are the best baby. Your sarcasism is truely appreciated. People shouldn’t write things about shit they nothing about. You are one of the most honest, respectable, caring, and all around well mannered guys I know. And with a sense of humor to boot!
    Keep on truckin!
    I love you Seamus Michael Corcoran!

  2. Maybe I should have put this here rather than at the Veersectomy post:

    Wow, Integ Rity’s meter sucks evil goat penis. Let me try to do something that actually resembles verse, rather than creating tortured rhymes for rhymes’ sake:

    Ev’ry once and while again
    see the useless ones begin
    slip the chains that held them in.
    makes me want to vomit.

    I’m a modern day Ezra Pound, without all the treason and stuff.

  3. Dude, you’re just joking about shutting the site down, right?

  4. omg i am very drunk right now. mojitos. let’s not talk about meanies anymore. i will make you mojitos instead.

    best. idea. ever.

  5. Mojitos kick fuckin ass.

  6. Your site your call. But, I have found that the Wise sage like comments of The Corcoran Brothers is not only interesting but Fucking funny and at times touching, ie kin-girl.

    I vote for the site to stay….I’ve learned some much from it. You Rock Dancing Bear:-)


  7. What exactly is a mojito?

  8. Look it up, byotch.

  9. A Mojito is a Spanish drink made with Rum, Lime Juice, Sugar and has some sprigs of mint in it.

    It is pronouced Mo-He-Toe. It will really mess you up, while not making you look like a total girly man. Dina likes them a lot…..

    Just my comments from the peanut gallery. If you like Mojito’s you will love Dark & Stormie’s. A more appropraite drink for the mood this string has previously set. Cheers.

  10. I Never thought Dina looked like a total girly man!

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