Veersectomy – Update

I was joking about putting the sticker chart online. What kind of freak would actually put that online. Bad enough Kin-Girl dedicated a solid two hours to getting the actual sticker chart just right, but to share that much with everyone? That’s too much. I made a joke for a cheap laugh, fool on you, good on yah!

Enter BMAN.

Bman says it is too good an opportunity to waste. it would be internet genius to have the (sterile) balls to actually post about.

Quick reality check with Kin Yah Brutha, he agrees it would be a freakin riot to do. He encourages it. I check with Kin-Girl. She thinks it would be good to do, as long as I add the caveat that all 20 might not be her doing. Her major concern is getting the 20, however we get there.

Given all the above, VIA the love of my life, hookers & bourbon, or wet dreams, the chart is up. You can follow the progress at the bottom of the index page.

counts towards the goal, is still yet to go. Wish us luck in clearing the gun!

On a side note, this is a rather extremely embarassing thing to do, but damnit if I don’t recognize how funny it is, so I have to do it. Also note that the chart will not be up permanently, only til we have second confirmation of no sperm.

~ by kinshay on 2004-07-10.

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  1. With all due respect to the tracking of these “hits”, it would perhaps be more interesting (and less icky) to hear about all the bizarre Google hits you must be getting after this slew of surgery-related posts. πŸ™‚

  2. after yer done with the chart, how about creating a spunk clock ? or a jizz-abacus ?

  3. I’m not sure which is saddest,
    If it’s you the the Dancing Bear.
    But then there’s the Choreographers,
    And the voyeurs looking there.

    Oh but you’re so very willing,
    And do long for that applause.
    The Choreographers feel clever,
    And the voyeurs look, not cause.

    I hope that you escape someday,
    The things that are your fetter.
    And looking back try not to cringe,
    But learn and live life better.

  4. Well, that’s an interesting thought. Whether my intentions are exhibitionist, for humor, sadness, or just because I enjoy it, I always put my name to it. If you wish to disagree, or have something to say about it, you should have the courage to do the same.

    Keep in mind, everything written here gets a lot of consideration first. Kin-Girl’s grandmother reads this page.

    It is here for people to enjoy, if you don’t enjoy it, read something else. If you want to make a point or disagree (which does not negate enjoyment, we rather really enjoy it) you are free to do so. But at least be honest with who you are. I am honest about who I am.

  5. Wow, Integ Rity’s meter sucks evil goat penis. Let me try to do something that actually resembles verse, rather than creating tortured rhymes for rhymes’ sake:

    Ev’ry once and while again
    see the useless ones begin
    slip the chains that held them in.
    makes me want to vomit.

    I’m a modern day Ezra Pound, without all the treason and stuff.

  6. I have the old logs, but did not have an analyzer since I moved to the hosted service. I will be installing a php referrer/tracker just to fulfill your request Jenn. “Hits”, I almost wet myself with that one.

  7. Don’t you have the one bult into TP working?

  8. Your site is already the top (uh, only) hit for “veersectomy.” Google knew what I meant when I typed it though πŸ™‚

  9. I am not sure which is more awesome, that this happened or that you found it out Jenn.

  10. Too make it easier on you Jenn, here you go. Mind you, I only just installed the code, so it will be a little empty for a while.

  11. OK, seriously. That’s the same script that’s built into TP (see Admin – Logs).

  12. Well, it is written by the same guy, so it should be pretty damn close. But, it only records referers, not direct hits, and organizes a little better for what I was looking for. The Admin logs you have to search through all the stuff you really aren’t interested in seeing. The extra bonus is I can share it out there for all of us to see, not behind the TXP login.

    I also have Urchin now, which is pretty bad-ass, but is not a quick and easy overview like refer, and again, is behind a login.

  13. This is very cool. A little freaky that your site is such a popular hit for “Atavan.” And a little sad that I am spending so much time checking out someone else’s referrer logs…Hey, is there an RSS feed for this? Where is the comment feed? Does this make me a choreographer or a voyeur? Or just a pain in the ass?

  14. There is a referer RSS feed
    but still no comment feed. I love Textpattern but all the pieces are not in place yet. Trust me, when I can make an comment feed, it will be posted about.

    I am often suprised at what brings people here. I am glad now others will be seeing it too. WTF, at least I was not the first one to get referred by Eric Nies Naked, eh Jake?

    As for the other question, you were a voyuer, then you got me to make changes to the site, so you became a choroegrapher. Never a pain in the ass, always charming and lovely.

  15. The referrer RSS feed doesn’t work for me, it can’t be parsed, so is rejected by my feed reader (BottomFeeder). What reader is everyone’s favorite these days? I have to give a demo of RSS on Tuesday, could use the input of experts :-).

  16. Yeah, yeah. Eric Nies Naked still gets me hits.

    I love/hate Eddie for that.

  17. I haven’t used my rss for a while, mostly just knews ticker on my linux box. I was always a big fan of RSS Bandit, which is really well down and free. Bottom Feeder has some weirdness with it’s java coding, kinda freaks me out. (Sorry about the refer rss not parsing, I didn’t test it, just saw that it was there.)

    I also got a little paranoid about the rss after I left it running and kept getting hit with adware and hijacks. That’s why I rebuilt tango, I would not leave anything running, and still get whacked. I doubt it was the rss feed, but I just couldn’t figure it out. Best guess now is just installing limewire and kazaa way back fucked my system until I wiped it. I notice now that I have not installed any P2P software (save bittorrent) I have no problems. I actually paid for some software, and when I did, a little piece of Bman died.

    BTW, WTF is a plant doctor doing giving lectures on RSS?

  18. Bah, RSS Bandit is the 3rd app I found that requires the Micro$oft .NET framework. I’m not ready to give in to that yet.

    You might want to check out the Sage RSS reader for Firefox ( One of many cool Firefox plugins.

    RE BTW: I am a lone biologist in a CS group, and the only one who knew about RSS. OK? πŸ™‚

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