A Patriarch has Fallen

As Mom said, “Michael is smiling tonight.” But my Da’s gain is our clan’s loss. Uncle Dennis, aged 95 , of Enniskeane, Co Cork, Ireland died 3am Thursday morning. He may not have been walking as fast as he used to, but the gleam in his eye was that of a young man. You did not need to know him to know his greatness, or how big his heart was. You only have to meet his children to know what a wonderful man he was.

God Speed Dennis.

I am not sure what the arrangements are yet, I was trying my damndest to get over there, but it would be way too much money, and I could not take the time from work. If you would like to send flowers, I have a couple of links given to me by Irish (a co-worker from Cork.)

Cork Florists

The home address is:
Enniskeane Co Cork

If there is anymore information I will update.


This is a florist in Bandon which I figure is the closest. 003532344455 Flowers Delight.

Or one in Dunmanway. Floral Creations. 003532345596.

Hope this is O.K.


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