Pokah Chips

I ordered over 600 custom poker chips from, of all places, pokerchips.com.

I have to say, their service thus far has been excellent. I requested a quote from the company on a Friday night by e-mailing them a description of the custom art work, colors, and numbers per type. Early the next Monday they wrote an e-mail back putting me in contact with their customer service folks, who called me to verify the order. I sent in the artwork I created and one of their graphic artists turned it into proofs the very next day. They say it’ll take 4-8 weeks for delivery, what with demand being so high due to WPT and WSOP fever.

I don’t care. I can wait that long (though there’s a good chance I’ll be gone by the time they come). I went for the Cadillac of chips. 11.5 gram custom graphics clay with edge spotting. I ordered 5 extra of each dollar amount ($1, $5, $25, and $100) to give out as souvenirs. They cost about $1 apiece when shipping and storage are taken into consideration, but I say ‘go hard or go home’.

I’m leaning towards authorizing friends and relatives to order them for their home games if they so choose. My guess is only Corcorans will want them, though, since the artwork includes the name, but who knows?

The countdown is on. As soon as I get them I’ll take pictures of me and the wife splashing them all over the place in a colorful tribute to our favorite pasttime.

~ by kinshay on 2004-07-01.

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  1. You’re a maniac! I love it!

  2. I haven’t told you how much I spent on them, nor will I. It is a significant amount.

  3. “They cost about $1 apiece” X “I ordered over 600 custom poker chips” = Fucking Maniac.

  4. Crete FOREVER!

  5. does the 100 chip have the picture of Shannon on the scooter???

  6. Being a silly graphic designer I’m curiuos as to what the artwork looks like. Also, many ideas are ruminating in my head for chip designs Jake and I could use in our game. Influenced by yesterdays comments, I’m leaning towards hot lesbian teachers and lesbian students locked in an embrace with the tagline “Smackin’ Pelts: We Don’t Bluff About That.”

  7. I said they cost about $1 apiece, but I didn’t specify what country’s currency…okay, I goofed. I told you how much I paid.

    The artwork is a harp of my own creation with the name Corcoran emblazoned above and the dollar amount directly below the harp. All writing is in an Irish font.

    The design is pretty straightforward. I had a few other ideas, but I didn’t want them to get too busy.

  8. Percoset is nice

  9. What about the Atavan??

  10. Yeah, dude. Perkies! I also enjoyed Roxicet (?) which I got for me wisdom teef.

  11. I guess Shay won’t be flopping any nuts for a few days now, eh?

  12. he may think he’s flopped the nuts, but he’ll really be dead money.

  13. I was going to post after procedure, (really wanted to say post procedure, but you know …) and rate my drugs, share my embaressment with the shaving et all, but Windows blew up on me. So I spent my rare free time with ice on my satchel and installed a new 80 gig hard drive, dual boot XP/Fedora 2 (Red Hat.)

    To answer the question quickly though, Atavin was too small a dose, or something. I was calm throughout the whole thing (did not cry like a lil gurl) but did feel faint, had to have my head wiped down with a cold cloth, and sweat through the paper on the table.

  14. Yeah, but you sweat when you’re in the shower, so that last part doesn’t really mean anything.

    – or –
    “I sweat when I eat”

    -Andy Sipowicz

  15. “There’s nothing quite like a freshly shorn scrotum, you should try it, its quite breathtaking.”

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