Go Mumbles!

Mumbles Menino, who makes me proud to have called myself a Boston resident, has lashed out at Comrade Kerry for his spinelessness and abject failure as a campaigner:

Mayor Thomas M. Menino unloaded a searing attack on fellow Democrat John F. Kerry yesterday, calling his presidential campaign “small-minded” and “incompetent” – laying bare a years-old rift weeks before the city plays host to Kerry’s FleetCenter coronation…

Kerry and Menino ended up on opposite sides this weekend as Kerry debated skipping a scheduled speech to the mayors…Kerry decided late Sunday night not to give the speech in deference to picketing cops, angering Menino – who quickly replaced him with Republican Gov. Mitt Romney, in a reciprocal snub…

Aides to Menino say the famously fickle mayor has never felt particularly close to Kerry and could well hold back some of his ground troops, which helped put Kerry over the top in critical primaries.

I have disagreed with Howie Carr for years about this. Despite his lack of verbal acuity, I think Mayor Menino is sharp as a tack and looking out for the best interests of his constituents. Rather than slavishly bowing to the will of all things union, he considers each case on its merits and is hence villified by his own party.

~ by kinshay on 2004-06-30.

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  1. President Clinton was a very good speaker, but could not lead foh shit. President Bush stumbles his words and may look dumb, but he can lead. Public speaking is hard, but does not translate to leadership skillz, only PR.

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