Ah, to be 14 Again…

Check out this story about a teacher who is alleged to have made sweet illegal love to an underaged student.

Following in the footsteps of Mary Kay Latorneau , this is an example of a smoking hot adult inexplicably hooking up with a young boy (see picture on link). WTF? What am I missing? I guess if the allegations are true then the woman is, by all definitions, a child molester. Still, would any of us felt like victims if, at age 14, our favorite teacher wanted to make the beast with two backs?

Adding to the creepiness is the fact that she is a newlywed with a pretty good-looking husband. After searching around a bit on Google, I found her wedding pictures (go to couples). I haven’t seen them anywhere else, which I guess means I have the scoop.

~ by kinshay on 2004-06-30.

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  1. Here’s an even more detailed version of events.

  2. Sheriff’s detectives said Lafave told her teenage lover that she was having “sexual inadequacy problems with her husband” and “was turned on by the fact that having sexual relations with him was not allowed.”

    Is that grounds for the husband to kill her?

  3. Not the fact that she said it, but the fact that every pre-vert in the nation now knows he can’t hang in the sack is grounds for termination.

  4. maybe he doesn’t feel like a victim now. however, he might in five years when he understands how badly someone in a position of authority used him and took advantage of him.

    to further complicate things is even if he did feel victimized/hurt now, how do you think people would react to him saying that. i can see it now, “oh, shut up, dude. you got to fuck a hot teacher, i don’t want to hear about it.”

  5. all you need to know is that it happened in Florida. Case closed. It is another world down there, like Texas or Vegas. The kid knew exactly what was going on- especially the third and fourth time it happened. The husband will suffer a lot more than the “victim” will in this one- can you imagine having to go to work with that on the front page????

  6. i wonder if it had been a male teacher, or if the child had been female, or both genders had been switched, how people would feel about the situation then. i don’t think it’s fair to put boys in a category that suggests they can’t be harmed by inequitable relationships with women.

  7. casey, you are the bomb. unfortunately most of the corcoran males are macho assholes. as geeky underappreciated teens, the “hot for teacher” fantasy was certainly prevalent among the nerd-set and it is in that light that the pro hookup comments are made.

  8. I have given Casey’s comment some thought. If it were a male teacher, female student, it would be wrong. If it were MT, MS it would be wrong. If it were FT, FS it would be oh so right.

  9. da kine has summed it up. all praise da kine.

  10. I am accepting applications for new members of “Fruit of Latin Boy 2004”*. All original members would not have to reapply, so Sean’s friends are golden.

    * Fruit of Latin Boy 2004 will not have to accompany me to the desert.

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