Are you a cat person? I myself am not. I am really rather ambivalent towards them. When they act cool with me, I enjoy petting them and what not. When they act like bitches, I treat them like bitches. I was in bed at Kin-Girl’s once, and her pscho cat was on top of the blanket. Blackie cuddled up next to me, and I started petting her. What I did not know was after getting some affection for a while, she likes to bite for no friggin reason. She bit me after I was nice to her, so the knee jerked and sent her flying across the room. Before you start yelling, it’s a freaking cat, she landed on her feet and did not get hurt. What the hell, if I had to deal with 6 kids chasing me around all day, I’d have some intimacy issues too.

Anyway, if you love em or hate em, these are some cute and or freaky cat pictures.

~ by kinshay on 2004-06-27.

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  1. Yo, my car is ten times cuter than them mofrackies. For real.

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