Biker Build Off

So, I don’t ride motorcycles or anything, but I’m obsessed with Bike Week on the Discovery Channel. I think it’s mostly a fondness I have for fabrication in general (I worked with composites more than metal when I was in engineering school, but I’m always impressed by good welds), but I do appreciate the two-wheeled form (This might make the brothers gag, but I’m a Brit bike fan—If I were to go out and buy a bike right now, it’d be a Triumph.).

The Biker Build Off series has been especially good this season. If you’re waiting to watch them, be warned there be spoilers below…
Wasn’t Da Kine at the rally that featured the Ness contest? I sure as hell hope he voted for Cory’s bike if he was. I just can’t stomach most of Arlen’s creations.

Tonight I watched (TiVo delayed) Shane’s boy from Exile fall victim to complete and utter robbery. Russ made a nigh unto perfect bike for my tastes and lost to a smoothed out roundy, lump of purple flames.

~ by kinshay on 2004-06-24.

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  1. Here’s the e-mail I sent Sean immediately after watching the show:

    no words…too awesome…clip-on handle bars…

    I have to go masturbate now.


    PS: I knew our American brethren weren’t ready for Russell yet.

    I didn’t actually vote on which bike was best in the Ness battle, since there was some outrageous registration fee, i.e. more than $.50. I would have abstained anyway, as they were both hidjus.

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