Work, work, work

I have been ultra busy with work lately, and expect it to continue for the next few weeks. That’s one reason Da Kine has been posting a lot more often, pinch-blogging for me. We have 3 major projects going on at the same time. I get to go in tonight at midnight and work til 6 or so. I love the overnights, but I am used to days now. So I slept until 4 this afternoon.

Tomorrow is Father’s day, for anyone who’s Dad is not dead, remember to go get a card. I will have my now annual picnic on Da’s grave with Kin-Girl. We’ll eat subs, and bring Da a dunk’s medium decaf milk 2 sweet&low’s. It was his drink.

I hope normal posting will resume soon, but for now I generally don’t read past the comments here, Blahstuff, FtN and C&S. So nothing grabs my fancy to post about that already hasn’t been posted. Til then, I am loving work.

~ by kinshay on 2004-06-19.

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  1. Do you get weekends off? That must be cool. I remember when I used to. By the way whats a brutha gotta do to get his Bio posted? Should I send it again? My dad’s drink was a lahge reglah from “Dunkin’s”. It’s actually hard to picture him after all these years without one in his hand.

  2. I know they call it a medium know, but it’ll always be a ‘big one’ to me.

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