Of Cell Phones

As you all know, I ditched my home phone a few months ago to save some dough. It worked out well until I started working, and my minute usage went up 200 minutes over my plan. Instead of saving money, I was paying more! And the service (in the basement) just sucked. I like the features, but didn’t use them. So, I dumped my Nextel service, and went with AT&T.

I did not like having to sign a two year agreement, but unless I went pay as you go, which would not be worth it now, I had no choice. They gave me an awesome phone and a decent plan.

The funny part is for a little more money I get a lot more minutes. But because I am on such a high minute plan, my Mobile to Mobile (AT&T Cell Phones) minutes are free, and nights start at 7pm. So I am not touching my regular minutes like I should. Go figure.

Given how much Kin Yah can’t stand his Nextel service either, I am trying to convince him and BMAN (who still has a month or so on his Nextel contract) to switch to AT&T. Da Kine is already on it, as is Kin-Girl. I’m hoping all the brothers will be talking for free.

~ by kinshay on 2004-05-31.

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  1. well i would like to switch my nextel to at&t but i need my nextel for my job. and since i bought a new nextel phone.
    i have 10,000 min.a month and unlimited radio + nationwide radio
    but will look into seeing if the job will pay for my service.
    see ya in july

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