BlahStuff Underpinnings

Jake has finally started working on switching over to wordpress

Check out the new system, let him know what you think.

BTW – Do we know if he ever finished his bathroom? I never saw pics…

~ by kinshay on 2004-05-29.

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  1. I’m so happy for you that you can get this much pleasure out of an alarm clock!

  2. I detect sarcasm. “Bass for your face!”

  3. Dude, I friggin hate my alarm clock, cause it wakes me up. To be able to turn that hatred into appreciation for an art peice is a wonderful thing.

  4. Explain that to your woman.

  5. That was my intention. If I had smileys I probably would have been able to express the true happiness for you better. no sarcasm intended

  6. da kine,

    lyrically, i think it is indeed “base for your face” from night of the living baseheads.

    i would love to see it performed as “bass (rhymes with ass) for your face.

    personally, i’d love to be woken up by the flava. “git up, a-git-git down, 911’s a joke in yo town”

  7. As long as this is available in Arizona!!! There is a super special edition that the glasses pop up and he says “How come Biggie got all the lazy eyed ladies?!?!?!?!”

    I’m Rick James- beeeeeeeeyotch!!

  8. Bathroom isn’t finished. Ran out of cash… ;^)

    It’s a project that will be spread out over the coming months. Not sure I made that clear.

    I did finally get Photoshop installed, so maybe I’ll post a pick of the framing that did get done soon.

  9. My B’ When you said you were doing it that week, I thought you meant you were doing the whole thing that week.

    If you have photoshop, you don’t actually have to work on the bathroom at all, just doctor up some pictures and say, look what a phenom job I did!

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