Best Sound So Far, Miracleed has left the Building

Wednesday night was a trip to say the least. Ed came over late, he said goodbye to Kin-Mom (who had the good graces not to cry until we left) and I forced him to go say goodbye to his parents. (He wanted to go straight to the show.)

On the way in we picked up Petra, a friend of Ed’s. Edo has this weird thing about mixing different groups of friends together. He doesn’t. I have heard Petra’s name hundreds of times but had never met her. She also knew my name, and wondered why we had not met. Guess since he was leaving, that wall could come down.

We got a little lost on the way in to the show as Ed knew where the joint was. Nope. Then finding parking we I got lost, but we made it in time to hear Kin Yah Brutha’s intro. Flag on the play – 10 Yards, False Start Kin Yah did not get the whole intro done, as someone yanked the curtain too soon. Otherwise, it was funny and flawless delivery.

Staci’s on stage banter was better than before, and the sound was by far the best quality they have had yet. Not just how well they played, they had a sound man doing the mix or balance, or whatever it is a sound guy does. It worked.

At one point Staci called for any ladies who wanted to to come on stage to dance during the song Sex Kitten for Hire. He handled the shock when two punk rock, pierced and tattooed girls actually climbed on stage and danced. You can see the pic below, or there is a movie snippet (~5.5megs) Here. (Sound quality does not do justice, it’s from my digital camera.)

One more show note for Staci. Someone brings 4 shots up to the stage. There are 4 members of the band. Why the hell would you think all 4 were for you? Someone is getting a little frontmanacitis.

Our old friend Kathy showed up. I have not seen her in over a year. It was nice catching up with her. We hung out at the bar until near closing. Miracleed got hammered. Petra and I dragged him out of there and hilarity ensued as we navigated for an hour from Somerville to Logan, the fucking streets are a mess. I can not believe how much they change each week. We’re gonna have real fun during the convention.

Ed kept insisting he was staying in East Boston, but not at the airport. Then he kept directing me to the airport. I guess since it was not actually in a terminal, it doesn’t count. We dropped him off at 1:30 am. He had to get up at 4:30 am to start his physical. I hope to hell he did not breathe on anyone.

~ by kinshay on 2004-05-29.

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  1. wish i was there to have a few with ed.
    going to miss you eddie becareful and make me proud.
    you have been a big part of our family and always will be .
    god speed love ya brother.

  2. in defense of Mr. Chainz: the other guys were telling me to drink the shots – trust me, it wasn’t my idea…

  3. JoeDaYuz, are you taking on two persona at the same time?

    in defense of Mr. Chainz: – telling me to – Trust me, it wasn’t my idea

    Pick who you are and watch your pronouns. Fucking Rock Stars.

  4. He writes the truth! I insisted he enjoy all four.

  5. I’m not listening Nikki. I gave you the best head of your life but did I get a backstage pass when all the cute girls did??? NO.

  6. i noticed the pronoun problem, but c’mon…can’t a brutha create some confusing mystery?

  7. i’d also like to take a second to give my props to Sean who was better than i could have hoped for. The guy who pulled the curtain is a friend who, while appreciating great rock, cannot also appreciate great humor.

  8. Let’s see a transcript of his opening remarks.

  9. JDY – Did Edo leave you his keyboard with the non-functional SHIFT key?

  10. I thought kin yah brutha has that one. Is this a friggin e.e. cummings convention or sumfin?

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