When kicking about the web, if I find something I may want to post about, I bookmark the site in a folder called “todo.” But I have not been checking it too often, and the last round of posts were all written, not links. So I checked the todo folder today and realized I had a shitload of them. So, here’s a list instead of a bunch of posts:

  1. Good Vibrations – May is National Masturbation Month
  2. The Stare Project – Not fully functional after getting linked to from Fazed, This is a rather disturbing collection of pictures of a boy taking pictures of his stare, somethimes with help from his friends.
  3. sTrawberry fics – LOTR fan fiction written in romance novel-porn style
  4. Condi Rice is Angry – I don’t care if she is scowling, she is damn hot!
  5. Bush’s failed Mideast policy is creating more terrorism By U.S. Senator Ernest F. Hollings – This one really should get a long essay, but by now you know what I would write. Bottom line according to the Senator – It’s the Jews fault. Again. Prick.
  6. Wanna by a Powerbook? – A wicked cool true life tail of catching a scumbag on Ebay and playing him at his own game. Involves worldwide operatives and brutal vengeance (maybe not brutal, but wicked geeky.)
  7. How to Start an Amateur Porn Business – Was on sale on Ebay®, I wish I ordered before it closed!
  8. Hamster Porn! – Do I need to say anything else?
  9. The New ABC SongNSFW – I am really gonna push Kin-Girl to use this with her kids.
  10. Prom Bombs – Top Ten Worst Prom Pictures
  11. Bad Essays – I’ve seen this kickin around before, but they are bad enough to warrant a mention.
  12. Mary Cate or Ashley – Which one is right for you?
  13. Image Lifting Pranks – You thought I was bad about hotlinking, check out the work this guy has done. I’m jealous!
  14. Switcheroo – Same as above but taken to another level.
  15. Bush is Lord – It’s one thing to really really like our President, but I think this goes a little too far.

That’s it, the whole list of things I was saving. I hope I find stuff to post about in the next week.

(Reminder to Rach – NSFW usually involves nekkid women)

~ by kinshay on 2004-05-26.

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  1. Shay, is there a reason you left your Hot Donna post at FtN “pending”?

  2. I was unsure if it were cool to post with pictures:

    Side note – I don’t recall ever seeing pictures posted in the articles? Is this allowed? Or would it ruin the feng shui?

    Wanted to check with you before I did,

  3. I’m cool widdit.

  4. That Powerbook counter scam is one of the funniest things ever. The thought put into it was pure genius. Vengeance, or pre-emption, is indeed a dish best served cold.

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