The Pink Bullet

So JoeDaYuz gets pulled over by the Norwell Police. Why? What happened? Is the Man trying to keep the brothers down?


Joe was driving his trashy older model pink ford escort in a rich town. The cops never actually stated why Joe was pulled over. The Officer did answer Joe’s inquiry that he was indeed not speeding. For whatever reason he was stopped, Joe got busted but good.

Remember kids, get your inspection sticker every year, and pay your parking tickets. You never know when they will cancel your registration, causing you to get stranded in the middle of no where.

~ by kinshay on 2004-05-25.

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  1. 18 year old Da Kine got a flat tire in his old ‘80 Cadillac Eldorado approximately 3 miles north of the State Police barracks in Norwell. A Norwell police cruiser rolls by and sees me struggling with the tire and stops.

    You see, it had those special keyed bolts so nobody can steal your hubcaps and I couldn’t find the frigging key.

    I told the officer I was fine, so he said he’d check back in a half hour. I mentioned that I would like this, just in case.

    I found the key and changed the tire, but the amount of juice required to power my flashers reduced the amount of amps coming from my battery, so my car wouldn’t start. I waited about an hour for that prick to come back and he didn’t, so I walked my happy ass to the SP barracks (1 am) in the cold (early October) with a t-shirt on (I’m stoopid). When I got to the SP barracks, they pointed me to a pay phone across the street and gave me the number to a towing company.

  2. The moral? Fuck the Staties and Fuck the Norwell PD. Hollah at ya boy, Joe Da Yuz!

  3. No wonder there’s 5,000 applicants per exam – who wouldn’t want to sign up when the unwritten tag line reads, “You too can be a prick!”

    That’s really not fair though. I myself have never had a bad run in with the law. Especially with Staties (What new Englanders call State Police Troopers.)

    I remember one time when Ed and I ran out of gas (the jeep) on 128 coming home from buying my 30-30 in Maine. Not only did the Statie not freak out about the rifle, he checked on me every 30 minutes, even drove up route 9 looking for Edo.

    I know Rach has had some fun times with cops. Care to share, househunter? (Word is Rach actual did buy a house, but she is so damn good at it, I think it should be her nick-name.)

  4. I’ve been pulled over a few times. The first time, I had my liscence for a couple of months and was on my way to a Randolph Oilers game and was driving at a high rate of speed and was pulled over by a “Statie.” I had no idea where he came from. He was very nice and let me go with a verbal warning.

    The next 2 times were many years later and happened within a one week period, both times ny the same fucker. It was technically within a 24hr period that I was in Randolph because I was going to school in Bridgewater at the time. The 1st was early Sunday morning about 3 in the morning, I was the designated driver for 4 underage drunk friends and Lt. Asshole pulled me over for speeding. $50 ticket for speeding and another $25 for no seatbelt.

    Went back to school Sunday afternoon and was back home Friday night. Big Al and I were on our way home from Lynnwood when the same Lt. Asshole pulled me over again. Another $50 ticket for speeding and another $25 for no seatbelt.

    I appealed both tickets, explained to the magistrate that I was watching the speedometer in both instances and was not speeding. The magistrate was suprised that a Lt. had nothing better to do and was on patrol giving out tickets and I beat them both. FU Lt.

  5. Yo, I think it was a case of DWHB.

    Still, why wouldn’t you start wearing a seatbelt after your second time getting pulled over?

  6. DWHB??? Because I don’t like wearing seat belts, I’m not comfortable. Plus at the time I was not doing anything wrong and wasn’t expecting to get pulled over. These days, you’ve seen my truck correct?? I drive over shit!!!!! OK Playa!!!! Don’t Hate

  7. “Driving While Half Black”

  8. i thought it might be driving while HiBernian.

  9. i can’t even count (over 100) the number of times i got pulled over when i had long hair… i guess i fit a profile.

    my favorites were when cops would sniff me for booze or dope. too bad i avoided both.

    i hated cops for a while… a long while.

  10. Could be both Kin Yah, he is Irish too …

    Cops always hate the micks.

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