The Dance Recital

I went to my first dance recital. It was not as painful as I expected, yet the irritation at the parents was extreme. It was supposed to start at 1. People still couldn’t find there seats at 1:25. That means we were going to be late for Edo’s party.

When it did start, I was confused. Why do the teachers keep dancing? Isn’t this supposed to be about the kids? I thought. It took me a while to realize that the teachers are also students, and this is their recital too.

The kids came in 4 sizes, wicked wee, wee, small, large. Given the make-up and costumes, and my fear of children, I have no idea of the ages, other than large was late high school and college.

When wicked wee danced, it was adorable. I am told they are 3-4 year olds. They had on little tutu’s and such, and apparently learned 3 steps. Stomping feet, hands on knees shimmying backwards and walking in a circle. They did very well and were fun to watch. Just precious.

Wee (Brianna’s class) did very well also. Lotsa looking off stage to see the step was, little more complex than wicked wee, but basically the same moves, with some singing thrown in. Again, fun to watch.

Large was as you would expect. Complex moves, varying styles, sometimes a bit risque (I asked Kin-Mom for singles to throw on stage during lady marmelade, sp?) but much tamer than you would see from girls the same age in a club.

Which brings us to small. I would put these girls in the 8-14 year old range. (This group encompasses several classes.) They did well, performed the best they could. But I am amazed and confused by the steps they were taught, and more so, from the parents reaction.

For the most part, all the clapping and cheering happened at the end of the number. But these girls would do sexual type dancing, hip shaking and ass wiggling I felt was totally age-inappropriate. Suggestive dancing. When they did, say, have twelve 10 year olds shake an ass or two in the middle of the number, the parents would go nuts. Not in outrage, but clapping and cheering, like a movie from the 50’s when the dancing girl comes out and starts popping the balloons covering her naked body. Let me state this again. Clapping and cheering was always saved for the end of the number unless it was suggestive, then the parents hooted and howled mid-performance. I found this very disturbing.

So I ask, am I wrong in feeling this way? I am not a prude in the least bit. I just think it was very wrong for the ages of the girls doing the performance. And to teach them that you get extra approval for suggestive behavior, by their parents!

I mentioned I might need Hezzy to explain this one to me. Heather is Jake’s fiance, and she is a big dancer, I believe having taught dance classes and if I remember correctly, working with special needs kids with dance, or dance therapy. Something incredibly selfless that makes you go wow!, she’s a saint. So Heather, is this normal? Am I over-reacting to a common practice? As a dance teacher, how do you feel about this?

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  1. Do you have, um, pictures of the ass shaking?

  2. No, but the video will be on sale for $35. You want me to pre-order a copy for you?

  3. it’s all cute until their darling little slut is sucking off the football team. then they wonder what went wrong.

    same applies to 10 year olds in half shirts and hot pants.

  4. What you gotta do is ask your deep down self, the self you don’t talk about at parties, “How much did you enjoy”? . . .Then go to confession.

  5. All I can really say is that a corner dance studio recital is not for the faint of heart. Sadly, a recital can often go on for HOURS and it has such a mind-numbing effect that they have to throw in the risque to shake everyone out of the inevitable coma. Remember that most of the parents have been watching these routines every week at the studio for months.
    The one thing that was drilled into my head once I began working with a “respectable” ballet company (read as we had contracts and were getting paid) at the tender age of 16 is that you don’t “show your ass” if you want to be taken seriously as a performer.
    Some day I will have to tell you the “Show Pony” story…be happy if the dance school didn’t have an adult class.

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