Pretty Colors

Update – Casey sent in here new photo (showing off some ink, woohoo! We love tattoos.). I won’t have time to start doing the Comment Leaders til next week, so y’all still have time to send something in. Also, seems Lin-a-man (Matt Lineham) made the cast in one night. Things must be quiet in Korea. Da Kine should email Matt and explain what he needs to send in.

Update – As noted in the comments, the Shit List and Hero List are now being handled by Category, instead of links. Get to them by going to Posts by Category, then selecting the list from the drop down. Also, Jake sent in his new pic. Anyone who had doubts about his brotherhood only need see the facial hair to verify authenticity.

As you may have noticed, the style has been changed a little bit. I love the logo Rach did for me, and as Kin-Girl says, “It has way more personality”, but I think the new logo fits the overall scheme better. Since the site had been through so many changes since Rach made it, this is no reflection on her or her work. I say Thank You to Rach.

The name of the site has gone back to the original The Corcoran Brothers. I like it better than and want all the brothers to feel represented.

I started using Textpattern’s built in link management for our sidebars, and added a few new links. I will be adding more as I come across sites worthy of mention. The Brothers are encouraged to add links as well. Log in to textpattern, go to Content/Link and add the title, url and optional description. Make sure to choose a category from the drop down. Whatever category you choose, it will automatically be added to in the sidebar.

~ by kinshay on 2004-05-25.

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  1. can’t you have ute-free do a modified version of what you have now ? i’m reasonably sure that she still has photoshop. maybe she needs work for her portfolio ?

  2. She is in the middle of a move right now. You don’t do anything all day Mr Mom, why not take a crack at it?

  3. Don’t worry- no offense taken! I’m still laughing over the whole John Kerry fiasco from the other day… that was so damn funny. I’ll do a new logo if you want… I’ll add it to my list. I still have to re-do kin-girl’s logo for the Love Of God- She must hate me- I promised that months ago. I’m so sorry but like you said- this move is horrible and I’m living out of a box for the next month and a half.

    Nice try at the new logo but I must say that it looks like something from Battlestar Galactica. White, Irish boy aint good at the art makin… I think your site looks too sleek and techno now. The bros are a bunch of Irish bastids for god’s sake. Your site should look more earthy and organic with wood details and such… Sorry but that’s just me getting all Martha Stewart about it…

  4. I’m in total agreement.
    The Corcorans are nothing if not organic.

  5. Seeing as I have no color sense at all (Hence the black/white thing) I am not up to the challenge. But given the offer by Rach, and that I can use separate style sheets, when Rach is all settled in we will work together on a new logo and layout scheme. Mayhaps even give folks the option of which they want to use.

    As for the tiny treasures logo, I still have the original psd file I can send to you (Or drop off when we visit the new house.)

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