Things to Post About

Too tired to post, so here’s a preview of what’s coming up shortly:

  1. How did the Non-Annual, Not Really a Classic, Ed’s Leaving and is gonna get his ass shot off Pokah Jamboree turn out, a.k.a. Da Kine’s chauvinistic disappointment.
  2. En Pointe May Recital, a Review, or, Kin-Shay is confused and disgusted, why do adults clap and cheer the sexualization of children? (May require input from Hezzy on this one.)
  3. Miracleed’s going away party. The last family hoorah before the real Bang Circus hoorah.
  4. Find out why JoeDaYuz got pulled over by the Norwell Cops

~ by kinshay on 2004-05-23.

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  1. You’ve all seen this, right?

  2. undoubtedly stacy chains was unjustly persecuted by the man !!

  3. ehhh, suspended registration says what?

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