Call for Pictures

I am redoing the Cast of Characters. Instead of the table popup we had before, it is getting set up more like the front page here. You can see what it will look like here. With the ability to put in two categories, we can make a Brothers page, Comment leader page, etc, AND a full cast page. So when you reference the Cast, you can link to the whole cast page. When you reference the brothers, just the brothers page. (As of the time of writing, the cast and brothers page are identical as only brothers have been added, but you get the idea.) Since they are getting put in one at a time, you can also reference a single cast member, like this.

Since I only have thumbnail size pictures, I need new ones. Again, they need to be 4×3 format, preferably 800×600. I will then make 400×300 thumbnails, and they will pop up to full size when clicked. We can also expand on the bio as we are not trying to squeeze it in to a small cell. If you want your bio updated, email in the new info.

My hope is to get all content into Textpattern, opposed to scattered the way it is now.

~ by kinshay on 2004-05-23.

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