While on a Kerry Kick

I have removed certain words from this post, try and guess what sort of consultant was needed to by the campaign at such expense:


“Her entire schedule had to be rearranged,” a top source explains.

A Kerry campaign spokesman refuses to clarify if Goetz flew by private jet on April 16 or on the official Kerry For President campaign plane.

The total expense for the Guess the Word 1 is estimated to be more than $1000, insiders tell DRUDGE.

One source suggests the Guess the Word 2 was flown to Pittburgh on Teresa Heinz Kerry’s ‘Flying Squirrel’, a Gulfstream V private jet.

[The ‘Flying Squirrel’ is worth about $35 million. A deluxe model; plasma TV, two bathrooms, fancy mahogany and burlwood paneling, gold-plated fixtures.]

“Senator Kerry thinks Isabelle does a superb job,” a campaign source said.

Word 1 – hair touch-up
Word 2 – hairdresser

This guy is supposed to represent the working class? Never mind the $9 cheap haircut from supercuts, he needs his stylist flown in on a private jet?

I am guessing we will have a few more John Sunnunu incedents if Kerry is elected. Seems like it would be too much of a transition.

~ by kinshay on 2004-04-27.

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