Congrats to Dan and Ger!!

From Chrissie Corcoran:

Hi Shay,
You might let everybody know…especially Mom, of the safe arrival of Dan and Geraldines twins by Caesarian section on Thurs night last at 11. and 11.05 p.m. respectively. A boy, weighing 7lb4ozs and a girl weighing 6lb7ozs …I might be a few ounces out on who was what…but they were huge for twins. To be named Emiliy and Olan..I think…definately Emiliy but the boy was still not 100% decided…Beautiful babies ..but one exhausted Mom..hardly surprising carrying that lot around for the last few months. Sorry for not letting you know sooner..but we were all carried away with the excitment. Hope all are well…will try to get some pictures to you when I can. Talk to you soon.

I hope we get pictures soon, lovely lil Irish twins!

~ by kinshay on 2004-04-27.

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