Fair Warning

After my trip, I put all my finances together. Considering how long I have been out of work, I still had a little nest egg. I made sure by catching up all my bills. (I called everyone I could possibly owe money too, phone, cell, cable, etc.) I paid everyone off so I am clean through next month. So in prep for my new job, I ordered a Dell. (Alpha wouldn’t cut it, and there will be some work from home. Being under contractor status, it is deductible. Yea!)

I decided to go with the 5150 laptop. I looked at the Centrino chip based ones, but the biggest selling point for that is battery life. I would rather have the raw power and less expense. (Being as this was a business decision, I could not go with Apple. I still have Alpha and will use her frequently.) I customized it to the 3.06 HT P4 chip, 15” SXGA+ TFT (1400×1050 resolution,) Windows XP Pro, and the 4x CD/DVD burner (DVD+RW/+R). The only other add-on I had was the Dell Wireless 1450 Internal Wireless (802.11a/b/g, 54Mbps.) I am not sure why I spent the extra $20 to include A, but you never know.

Dell, and all other manufacturers, overprice the memory upgrades so much it is unreal. I stuck with the 256, ordered 2 512 meg dimms from Crucial Technologies, and already have it here on my desk. I am going up to 1 gig of RAM before I even power the thing on. Ordering from Crucial, I saved over $200.

The DVD burner was a luxury I probably could have done without. It cost me an extra $200, otherwise the upgrade to combo dvd drive cd burner was free. But I want to be able to burn a lot of giant files/backups, etc. And hopefully I can get Kin Yah’s Camcorder to work with it. He has been unable to import movies at all. Better chance with my new Dell. I did not upgrade from the 30 gig hard drive. 30 gig will hold all my main files. The large video files (read – porn) like the downloaded movies and tv shows (and porn) can stay on the NAS. With the 802.11G card, I would be able to watch (porn) them over the network. (Stop that – I have 5 episodes of Angel I haven’t watched yet) (Yeah and a bunch of porn you degenerate!) However, my little router is only 802.11B. 10 measly megs a second. Of course, I had to get a new router. Which brings me to the point, finally.

Once I get the new laptop and router, I will be switching out the old one, which will go to Kin-Girl’s to live. When I do that, I will for sure lose my IP Lease, and get an new IP address. As we discussed here, I will have to update the DNS forwarder I use. So Kinshay.com will be unreachable until the new DNS propagates. You won’t be able to see the web page, mail delivery will be delayed for a while. So when the site looks unreachable, it should clear up after a day or two. I tell you now because I will be doing this as soon as I get them, hopefully this week, more likely early next week.

One other thing, what do I name my new laptop? My convention has been phonetic alphabets – Alpha, Whiskey, Xray, Bravo, etc… What’s your preference? I am kind of leaning towards Yankee. Or going a little off the path with Omega. Help a Brother Decide.

Charlie Echo Foxtrot India Juliet Kilo Lima Mike November Oscar Papa Quebec Romeo Sierra Tango Uniform Victor Yankee Zulu

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