Viva Las Vegas

OK, the previous post, I Hate Ed, I Hate Shane, was in fact a ruse. I wanted to surprise Da Kine and pulled it off (even though he heard flight announcements from the bathroom at Chicago’s Ohare.) I did in fact go to Vegas for 19 hours, 14 minutes, and 22 seconds. I headed out to see Shane and Couhtney before Shane disappears for the next 13 months or so. We had the best time. Given we were only there for so short a time, we jam-packed it but did not get much sleep. I am heading to bed. Ed is still en route home as of posting time.

But I had to post one picture. This was the highlight of the trip.


We met Phil Ivey and Jennifer Harmon! That was so freaking cool. Da Kine was all nervous like a little bitch, but it was better than meeting Tom Brady, for us at least.

Later on we will all post about the trip, trip stuff here, poker stuff will go on FtN.

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  1. i was hoping to post on the trip which ranks up with the top ten most fun times of my life, but i have been so bad at posting that i have forgotten how to log in.

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