I Hate Ed, I Hate Shane

As we all know, Da Kine is en route to Las Vegas. What does this mean? It means he will be playing poker at the Bellagio before I do. He is going so he can spend some time with the wife before he goes to the ‘Stan.

Edo had his birfday last week. When his parents asked, What would you like? He said nuffin’. No, Really They said, What would you like? How about a DVD Ed replied. We want to get you something nice this year, how about a piece of furnature? Ed Ponders. Nope, thank you but I don’t really need anything ….

But Ed’s parents persisted. his car was being fixed, he could not think of anything he would need. How about airline tickets? You want to go anywhere? they asked. Nah, I really don’t want anyth…. wait… Yes please. I would like an airline ticket. Great, where to and when? Friday – VEGAS.

That MoFo. He is flying out, meeting up with Shane, and playing poker in the Bellagio before me. I can take Shane doing it, he’s been into poker as much as I have been. But Ed? Bad enough he kicked my ass the first time he ever played. Now he gets to the Sanctum Sanctorum before me? Flying out on Friday, sticking around for 20 hours or so, and coming back Saturday. No hotel room, no luggage, just hitting the town with Da Kine and coming home. He doesn’t want to interfere with Couhtney and Da Kine’s special time together.

I think they will have a great time. And I hate them both for it.

~ by kinshay on 2004-03-25.

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  2. sorry to add to your deliquency nikki

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