Wife Training

If you are well-to-do, why do you need to know how to sew?

Yahoo! News – School Trains Girls to Be Good Wives
MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Once a week after school, a group of girls from well-to-do Mexican families troops to a meticulously kept house in the south of the capital for a class in how to become the perfect wife.

Girls aged 13 to 18 sit eagerly through lessons in cooking, sewing, ironing, dressing, folding napkins, serving a formal dinner and adding feminine flourishes to a home, like a posy of flowers in the bathroom or initials embroidered on the towels.

Such skills, according to teacher Tota Topete, risk becoming a lost art as Mexico’s young women join a global trend of focusing on careers rather than housekeeping.

Being a housewife is a valid choice, but this seems silly. Kin Yah Brutha did not take any classes, and he is doing a phenomenal job!

~ by kinshay on 2004-03-23.

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  1. sean can bake a sweet cake!!! and you should see that man fold!!! TOP NOTCH!!!!

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