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Shock. Surprise. Awe. Just a few choice words about Bang Circus. To have listened to Joe, you would have thought it was a joke. I expected a lot less. The band has talent. They played well. Really well. They played what they wanted to play. Yes, if you listen to the lyrics, it is sort of a joke. Either that, or these are the biggest misogynists since 2live crew. Leading into a song by talking about a female state trooper and her nightstick could be taken the wrong way by some. But we all knew it was in good fun.

The singing was, ok let’s be honest. If I weren’t a really good friend/brother of the lead singer, I would say the singing was good. More than fair, not a stunning vocal talent, but this was rock and roll. You don’t need great, you need good and stage presence. Joe had it. Being I do know Joe, I would have to say he was awesome. I have never heard him sing before, expected a lot worse (from the hype et al, I expected more death metal shrieking,) and therefore would have to say the singing was fucking incredible! Joe is Mr. Music, the stage was too small to contain him. He looked relatively comfortable, interacted well with the crowd, spit water on us (how R&R is that?) and held up in the face of diversity. Which leads to –
Improvements I would like to see.

Set up better – Know the stage, know where you the things you need are. Move the shit that will get in the way. We had a little misfire before song 2 when someone knocked over a glass of beer. Joe’s mike shorted out it seemed. It was fixed in a minute, but it looked bad, liquid under equipment is not good. Don’t go chasing balloons to hand out to the lovely ladies during Valentine, have a set bunch in one spot to get to. Have water for the singer somewhere on stage. (I had to keep grabbing them from the bar and putting the bottles on the first table, Joe had to come off stage to drink it.) Or as Joe’s boss said, get an empty vodka bottle, fill it with water and drink that on stage.

Have more lines to use. We, the audience, were asked 8 separate times How ya doing tonight? We all answered we are doing well, thank you for asking. OK, it was more like hootin’ n’ hollerin’, but you know what I mean. There will be times you want to interact. Have the lines ready.

Given it was the first time these guys played in front of people, I think the above is quite acceptable. But now I know they are not a joke. They are indeed a real band.

You can find the pictures and movies here, also listed under the Photo Log tab. Looking at the pictures again, Joe pulled it off so well. Those of you who couldn’t make it should be very sad inside right now.

Side Note – the movies are pretty huge, I put the size in the file name. I don’t pay for bandwidth, so I am not worried about the downloads, just be aware they may take a while to get. Don’t even try if you are on dial-up. The were taken about 10 feet from the speakers on a digital camera, so they are poor sound quality, BUT you get to see Stacy shaking his thing.

~ by kinshay on 2004-03-19.

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  1. The pics and video kick ass! Thanks for the great review and advice. Rock
    Bangzton – Bass thunder

  2. oops, that should be Si Hing, and gentis I believe

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