Not much to post about today. Nothing really good in the news. I did get a call from one of my old bosses today, KT. He is up for a contract position as a project manager, and referred me to the recruiter to work as a technical lead. She called me and we are set up to meet on Monday. Even if this position doesn' t work out, she said she has been getting a lot of calls for network/help desk. So it is looking good. Of course I would prefer permanent, but am very happy to take contract. There is always the chance of it turning perm, and I really want back in to work, new challenges, doing some real tech work. Here' s hoping.

STOR_2003-06-30_LASTDAY_016On top of that, Congrats to KT. He was a rescue swimmer for the Coast Guard back in the day. Remember the movie The Perfect Storm? (Buy the movie here or the book here.) The guys who jumped out of the helicopters to rescue the boaters trapped in the storm? That was his job. (He was not in on that particular operation, but those similar in nature to it.)

He has re-upped in the reserves, and being a big ole' Brown University graduate, he is going to get his commission. He' ll be guarding the ports of America and possibly foreign ports. I know he is psyched about it, and we are all proud of him serving.

The picture is from our last day at STOR, right before lights out. You know me, KT is second from the right.

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  1. I told you the industry was going to start picking up. If you get a sweet job, will you be buying anything good?

  2. I figured, I keep referencing this shit on amazon, may as well try the Assoc Program. I also added a Shop Amazon tab, I think if you search and buy from there I get credit too. So if you are buying something from amazon, search for it here first!

  3. No purchases, pay off debt in prep for marriage someday.

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