This just sickens me.

FoxNews – Tenn. County Officials Seek to Ban Gays :
DAYTON, Tenn. – Rhea County commissioners unanimously voted to ask state lawmakers to introduce legislation amending Tennessee’s criminal code so the county can charge homosexuals with crimes against nature.

We need to keep them out of here, said Commissioner J.C. Fugate, who introduced the motion.

County Attorney Gary Fritts also was asked by Fugate to find the best way to enact a local law banning homosexuals from living in Rhea County.

Elected officials just forsaking the constitution and common decency. WTF is wrong with these people? No drinking, no gay sex, no teaching evolution, what’s next? how about – No Jews Allowed. They don’t believe in hell or Jesus – that’s immoral and unnatural. And mixed marriages. The kids don’t know if they are black or white, that causes confusion, and it’s unnatural. Plus sometimes you can’t tell when they got’s the black in them. That’s NOT NATURAL.

Fucking aye, my blood is boiling.

More thoughts – Chemicals aren’t natural, meaning prescription drugs aren’t either. Nor is living past the age of 35. How’s about we go down there and slaughter all the aged council members. (Killing those who piss you off happens all the time in the natural world so that should be allowed, right?)

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  1. I happen to live in Dayton Tennessee, and personally I am fed up by the Gay Lobby and its atempts to force itself on everyone else. This is nothign more than turnablut. If Gays had just accepted thir equel rights whent hey where granted them some 30 tyears ago, then it wouldnt relaly ahppen this way.

    Claimign the elected officials are forsaking commo n decency though is false. Decency means morality, and in these times, that may mean tlerence of Gays, but it does not mean so to everyone else.

    Dont take my staement out of context here, I am just askign you to actually see the other side of the equation, whoch hou cant because you are tyoo bust thinkign everyone who opposes anythign Gay is a Homophibe and Bigot.

    as I came here lookign for news articles on my hometown, and its recent newsworthy endeavour, I will not reply tothis thread more than likely, btu feel free to email me.

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