Small Outage

My cable modem went a little whacky for a while there. I was trying to post, and ecto kept giving me a failure. Since a new upgrade just came out, I figured that was what caused it. Then I could not browse. Damnit, I lost DNS. Nope, the blinking lights told me I lost the modem. I checked with the TV, (given we just got 6 inches of snow, I figured maybe a line was down somewhere.) Cable worked, so I called tech support. Just like windows, all it needed was a quick reboot. Luckily I kept the same IP so we don’t have to lose the web-page for 2 days while the new DNS propagates.

But this begs a serious question. Do I stay with hosting my own, or do I go to a hosting provider? I set it up on Whiskey originally to see if I could. Then when I started the blog, people starting coming everyday. Seems more important now than before that it is up and available. If I switch to hosted, it will always be available. BUT – I have to pay for the space, and pay for the bandwidth (figure $20 – $30 a month.) I also would not be able to have the pictures up, they eat way too much space and bandwidth. Having it on Whiskey, I can do whatever I want. No worrying about the right perl module installed, I can install it myself.

I would not go to hosted until after I got a job, but when I do – what do you think? Whiskey or hosted?

~ by kinshay on 2004-03-17.

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  1. I bet you can find linux hosting w/ php & mySQL for under $100/yr.

  2. Rilly Cheap: 2MHost

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