More on Dipshit

Update Fascinating. Dipshit has apologized for his behavior. Do we accept it? Let’s see.

It was done with malice (not pure evilness, but with the intention of tweaking people.) OK, that’s rude but not hang-able. What is hang-able is the deleting of comments from people who he disagreed with After inviting it by hitting their sites. Then to close the commenting except for one comment he made telling us we are all wrong and liars. (He has since change that comment saying to look at his apology.) Is this sincere? Does he realize how wrong what he did was? Or is he just tired of having to stay up for 24 hours straight deleting comment after comment on all his other posts, afraid to let a decent argument that defies him be allowed on his site? Never mind etiquette online, common sense says you don’t shout at everyone like this then close off the discussion. He basically did a big I’m taking my ball and going home after purposely whacking everyone in the face with said ball. Do we accept the apology? Or does he go on the shit list?

~ by kinshay on 2004-03-17.

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