FtN Forum is now Open

OK, it’s sorta open. Call it Beta testing with the possibility of being wiped out.

Flopped the Nuts: A Poker Weblog:
Another new thing in the works is the Forum. It uses PunBB software, which seems really nice. Feel free to sign up and poke around. Just keep in mind that it’s just getting off the ground, so it may get totally blown away at any time. ;^)

Once the DNS propagates, it’ll live at forum.floppedthenuts.com.

Hell, it’s there and we can use it. You may not be able to post to FtN, but you can register and post on the forum. Need to let off a little steam about a bad beat? Wanna brag about that $4 you won off the old lady? Can’t believe what you saw going down on the WPT? Need to talk to someone about the crotch shot?

Tell it to the forum. We need to know what’s happening. Click here to go to the forum.

Updated – updated the link, added forum link under poker tab

~ by kinshay on 2004-03-15.

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  1. forum.floppedthenuts.com is live. The old subdir will redirect.

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