I cleaned up the sidebar a little bit, combined sections, got rid of some things we didn’t need on each page, like the weigh in (there is a link to the weight in there.) I also split up the Other Page so each section got it’s own page.

I removed the Pictures section and created a new blog I am calling the Photo Log. This will be a much friendlier picture experience (I hope.) It will use daily archives to group the pictures together, and I will upload groups of people as posts under that day. Neat thing about MT is the use of categories. These will be like albums. So you will be able to browse by a day’s photo, or by a subject, ie – Cate or Kinshane. This will allow me to have one picture referenced several different ways, saving me some space. It will also make them searchable, though the search isn’t working yet. I will post here as new pictures are added. I hopefully will go back and add some of the older pictures I have, but most likely will only pick the best ones, not all of them. I am not allowing comments on the Photo Log, comments can be made here on the referring post.

~ by kinshay on 2004-02-29.

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  1. why did you hide the weighin you fat clam?

  2. I think a streamlining was in order, but I kinda miss being able to see the most recent comments. IT was WAY too cluttered before, but now it has the feel of something bought at Ikea. Too neat?

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