A Leg Up

Kin-Mom always threatened this, I didn’t know it was possible until now.

FOXNews.com – Foxlife – Out There – Artificial Leg Used Against Owner: Ever want to yank off someone’s leg and beat them over the head with it? A Virginia man may have done just that.

Police in Fredericksburg have charged Rodney Prophitt, 27, with pulling off his neighbor’s prosthetic limb and then striking him with it, reports The Free Lance-Star.

The whole thing started Wednesday evening when Michael Clapp, 38, found a bottle of medicine missing from his apartment. He immediately suspected Prophitt and went next door to ask him about it.

Prophitt responded by knocking Clapp to the floor, then tugging off Clapp’s fake leg and hitting him with it.

~ by kinshay on 2004-02-27.

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  1. just thought you may want to know that Mike Clapp is being sentenced 7/11/05 in Fredericksburg,Va. court for 4 grand jury indictments all drug related.Visit the VA court website and go to Fredericksburg and you will see he has been quite busy with the police since the story ran about him being beaten up with his own leg.The guy Prophitt who beat him up was the real victim.

  2. why do people comment on posts that are months upon months old?

  3. I’m guessing google brought them in. Unlike the normal case, the above is very relevant.

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