State of the State’s Restaurants – Not Good

How friggin dumb are these fine folks? – News – Prank Call Leads To Strip Searches: BOSTON—Investigators say someone posing as the police called several local fast food restaurants telling managers they must strip search their employees—and they did.

NewsCenter 5’s Jim Boyd reported that four Wendy’s fast food restaurant supervisors were told Saturday that their employees were stealing from customers, and to conduct immediate strip searches

"The person on the other end identified themselves as a detective from Whitman and said one of the employees was a wanted suspect and asked them to do a strip search," said Whitman Deputy Police Chief Raymond Nelson. "Evidently, they were strip searched."

"Hi, I’m with the FBI, I need you to leave out four Supa Wendy Deluxes and half the cash, we’re doing a survey."

Also, I was asked to look in to this, as one of Kin-Girl’s relatives was at the Ground Round in Braintree when this happened: – Money – Local Restaurant Closes Down With Patrons Still Eating: Cavanaugh is one of about 50 employees at the Florence location caught by complete surprise when the restaurant closed. Even more unusual was how quickly managers were ordered to close up shop, immediately, Hamrick reported.

On Friday the 13th of all days, customers had their meals put into to-go boxes and were asked to go.

"There was people in there highly upset," Cavanaugh said. "We have people who have been there a long time. That’s all they’ve ever done."

Hamrick tried to contact the restaurant’s corporate office in Massachusetts, but the phone rang and was never picked up.

In the middle of dinner! Here’s a to go box, don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out. Looks like the StorageNetworks Management team went in to food services after shutting down my company.

~ by kinshay on 2004-02-26.

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