share the misery

this is beautiful. i can’t wait for rosie and her husband/wife to split up. then she has to give up half her s*&^, just like any other male actor in hollywood.

what a stupid ass, she’s gonna get married ‘cuz she didn’t like what bush said. if i did that for everything clinton said that i didn’t like, i’d have more wives than a jihad martyr has virgins in paradise. hahahahahahahahahaha.

rosie, you are stupid. how about putting on a broadway show featuring the songs of “dead or alive”. lose another $10 million. dope.

~ by kinshay on 2004-02-26.

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  1. My point is the example you used does not imply her stupidity. Bring me something better.

  2. i agree with sean shay.
    she is stupid and a fat ass bitch

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