just got back from the hospital with kalin.
when kalin saw his little brother for the first time today he asked where is my little sister kylie.
but how do you explain that to an 5yr old thats built like a mack truck.
when the doctor came in to see steph and the baby i said i would like a refund
for the wrong info with a smile if you know me.
but what the hell steph and i have a beautiful baby boy named (shamrock)
oh sorry thats the kin-boys other brothers name we had sean/shannon/seamus/
shane/ and shamrock sheliah hope thats spelled right and shithead.
pops would be proud but he’s looking down on all of us.
well hopefully steph and loran will be home thursday eve.
i have 2 cd’s with pic’s on them but if anybody can help where to send them to shay e-mail add.
please just comment so i can put the pic’s up.
oh yeah shay steph said no red nugget shots on the computer plz.

~ by kinshay on 2004-02-25.

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