Can a Real Doll give Real Love?

In the name of science, and consumer affairs, he made it with a doll. A Real Doll. – I Did It for Science: Sex Doll by Grant Stoddard: My overexuberance in this area that almost cost me a prosthetic arm and a leg. I was giving it to Karen, Oz-style, when her elbows slipped off the sofa. The rest of her body almost topped over as well. With some effort, I managed to haul her back up. Luckily, she was no worse for wear, but the jolt had made her wig shift, revealing a large metal hook protruding from her skull.

Someone must have heard the commotion outside, because within thirty seconds Matt was knocking on the door. Like some pimp Gepetto, he asked if I was done. To tell the truth, I’d barely been able to maintain interest after seeing Karen’s cranial hook, so I gave up and asked Aaron to help me dress her. When we returned to the reception area to grab our stuff, Matt was busy on the phone. I motioned "thank you" and "goodbye" in a sort of ad hoc sign-language, and we left.

First, I have to say that Real Dolls are amazing and totally eerie. I’ve never seen or felt anything so human that clearly isn’t.

I first saw these on HBO’s Real Sex. They are fascinating, though I don’t think I could tag one. Especially with Miracleed snapping pictures in the background.

~ by kinshay on 2004-02-25.

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  1. stern had one of these on the show for a while. it was back when jackie was on. (insert jackie imitation here)

  2. You mean the show that Clear Channel has pulled from the air due to indecent content? This is new – Howard Stern is vulgar.

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