Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow

Apparently the Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association has never had a night of real drinking. – Minneapolis to campaign for bar restrooms – Jan. 29, 2004: MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota (AP)—"Go before you go."

That’s the slogan under consideration for a new campaign in Minneapolis to combat public urination.

The bar business is thriving in the city’s Warehouse District, and many patrons are apparently leaving with a full bladder.

The Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association plans to spend $10,000 in an effort of convince patrons to use the bar restrooms before they call it a night.

The association’s Kim Motes calls public urination a nuisance crime, that makes a mess of their neighborhood."

The reason I started drinking whiskey is simple – I used to drink beer. One night while out in Texas with some co-workers, we stayed out late. Real late. Drinking heavily. I had many many beahs. So much so, I was pissing every 20 minutes. It got to the point that as soon as I left the bathroom, I felt the need to go again. We had to stop the car on the 15 minute ride home so 2 of us could piss in a parking lot. Given my impression of how boring Minneapolis must be, and that there is not much to do other than drink, I am sure that the patrons do go before they go. They just have to go again before they get anywhere else.

~ by kinshay on 2004-01-30.

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