Flopped The Nuts

I am setting up this post as a standing Poker dialogue until Jake gets FloppedTheNuts.com up and running. I added a comment section to the left above the Kinshay Weigh In. You have something Poker to say, and don’t want to search for it? Hit it there.

~ by kinshay on 2004-01-29.

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  1. That should be “pondered” — Only correcting because “ponered” looks obscene to me…

  2. I say roll with that one…

  3. Those are good. I assume he will continue…

  4. World Poker Tour returns to the Travel Channel Wednesday night at 9PM EST. I have my tivo set – do you?

  5. Yeah, so I had high hopes of getting the FtN layout working with the new TextPattern blog… Instead, I played online poker at UltimateBet and wrote about it… Worth reading just because I had a MONSTER hand.

  6. I just checked my pending folder – I did get it but the originating email addy was blank, so it was determined to be spam (and since it was blank, the email automatically sent to you went no where.)

    I will be logging in and checking it out.

  7. Ah. That should be fixed moving forward.

  8. Go check it

  9. It is pretty sweet, esp considering we are all about the comments.

  10. Yo, Shay. You wanted to talk about the WPT show… Get to talking.

  11. Yo Mac heads: Wil Wheaton just mentioned iPoker.
    Might wanna check it out.

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