500th Post

We’re doing pretty good for 6 months, eh?

Update –
Some Stats for our six months:
I have posted 433 times
Da Kine: 26
Edo: 5
Kin Yah Brutha: 20
C.O.D.: 10
JoedaYuz: 4
Jake: 4

There have been 115 internal searches, (not counting mine for testing and such) for terms such as “Search: query for ‘learning to kiss’” and “Search: query for ‘smcorwheelkey’”.

By far the most visited post was my William Shatner to release new album, having been linked from Fark. Second was Da Kine’s European Heroes linked from Instapundit. Those two top from links on popular pages, but straight up searched on found from google and other search engines goes to Kin Yah Brutha’s Bobbe J. Thompson It has been found from the search engines over 64 times in the past 24 hours.

~ by kinshay on 2004-01-29.

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  1. Six months already? Good times…good times.

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