Wow – This Disgusts Me

I am not the most handsome among men. I don' t even think I am good looking (even if you took away the weight and psoriasis.) But I know Kin-Girl loves the way I look. She wouldn' t change a thing on me. And I feel the same way about her. ' Course, that' s easy for me, seeing is she is so damn beautiful. You only have to see the way she looks at me, and I look at her to know this is true.

Yahoo! News – Honey, You' re Perfect Just as You Are, Except…
NEW YORK (Reuters) – Love is not blind—at least when it comes to facial plastic surgery.

Of people who are dating or married, 59 percent of women and 54 percent of men would like to change at least one feature on their partner' s face, according to an American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery survey released on Monday.

It found that men were most likely to take suggestions about plastic surgery as an insult.

Women were more likely than men to take suggestions as gestures of love and when a sweetheart offered to pay, were twice as likely to go ahead with plastic surgery.

There is always a risk in surgery, any surgery. I would discourage anyone from getting plastic surgery (to be proper, cosmetic surgery,) even if they wanted it for themselves. But to ask someone you love to have surgery to improve their looks for you? When you are in love, any "bad" features just seem to melt away. (See above re: Kin-Girl likes how I look.)

If you are willing to ask someone to have surgery, either you are not really in love, or you are so damn shallow it should horrify you. I am not sure what is worse, someone asking their lover to get surgery, or someone with low enough self esteem to consider going through with it. This is what happens when people don' t earn self esteem, and instead have it "given" to them.

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  1. now they can never be buried in a cemetary?

  2. No, Kin-Girl gives me love. A love that I have strived hard to earn. Her love is a validation and reward for the work I put into the relationship and the type of person I am. So I earn my higher level of self esteem.

  3. You are so gay.

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