We Need More Laws!

This makes much more sense than me going to a restaurant, seeing unhygienic practices, telling the manager why I am leaving to patronize someone else, then leaving the joint. Yes, The state must protect me!

All Headline News – Miss. Bill Would Limit False Fingernails:
CLINTON, Miss. – Sen. David Jordan is disgusted by the thought of finding a fingernail in his soup.

Jordan said a woman shared with him her story of discovering a false fingernail in her bowl of soup, inspiring him to draft legislation to protect other Mississippians from the nauseating experience.

"A lady is serving you and has red, long, burnt claw nails. The perception is that these things will come off," said Jordan, D-Greenwood. "If you’re eating, we like to think that everything is clean. Clean nails, short nails, or gloves are what we expect."

Jordan’s fingernail legislation is one of several unusual bills filed for the 2004 session.

Among them are proposals to prevent hotels from renting by the hour, ban motorized vehicles from sidewalks, prohibit veterinarians from silencing dogs and require twice as many women’s restrooms as men’s restrooms in state buildings.

Why do womyn need more bathrooms? Twice as many? Are you saying men and womyn are different? NO! Everyone is the same! We all have the same needs. Sexism! Sexism! How is this for fairness – Unisex bathrooms. We all wait in the same line.

~ by kinshay on 2004-01-27.

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