More Reports on Why America Will Fall

Playing to the lowest common denominator will not make/maintain a society. I never had any special honors at school. Why? Am I dumb? I may not be as smaht as Miracleed and Da Kine, but I am not dumb. I did not do homework. I did not play sports. I got me no special recognition. Kin-Mom was disappointed. I did not care, I was happy not having done homework and having held a job all through high school. If I wanted that recognition the others were getting, I would have worked for it. They deserved it, that is what their goal was, and they achieved. Bully for them!

The Seattle Times: Nation & World: Underachievers’ parents deny honor students:
NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The school honor roll, a time-honored system for rewarding "A" students, has become an apparent source of embarrassment for some underachievers.

As a result, all Nashville schools have stopped posting honor rolls, and some are considering a ban on hanging good work in the hallways — at the advice of school lawyers.

After a few parents complained their children might be ridiculed for not making the list, school-system lawyers warned that state privacy laws forbid releasing academic information, good or bad, without permission.

Some schools since have put a stop to academic pep rallies. Others think they may have to cancel spelling bees. And schools across the state may follow Nashville’s lead.

The change has upset many parents who want their children recognized for hard work.

To take away from others because some will not/can not is one of the dumbest/socialist things I have ever heard. Self esteem can not be given. It has to be earned. Not keeping score does not give every self esteem, it only removes drive for people to excel. Why put in the effort for no reward? Why work harder if the slouch next to you gets the same grade, same job, same salary? Why excel at all?

I had to work damn hard to get the family title of "King of the Cheesy SitCom", I will work hard with my Tivo to maintain that Title.

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  1. I have to disagree here buddy. Self esteem CAN be given. If it could not, how else would you explain Justin Timberlake being able to hook up with both Cameron Diaz and Britney. We will not even get into how that genius Nick Lachey has married not only the dumbest girl on earth- but because of her stupidity, he is making a living- thus he has been given self esteem. At least that is what his publicist tells him.

    PS- buy SOUL-O. It is a memorable recording right up there with Thing Fish and Led Zeppelin Presence. Amazing work.

  2. since when am i smarter than anyone?

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